Out of the Dark

Submitted By: BubbaAnn

I remember that day,
oh so well,
Felt I was lost,
like I was living in Hell.
When all of a sudden,
it occurred to me,
Without my Savior,
that's just where I'd be.
I'd been lost in the darkness,
not searching for the light,
Hoping for the best,
wanting what was right.
I had no-one to talk to,
nowhere to turn.
Felt like no-one cared,
or ever showed concern
When there in the darkness,
a tiny flame began to glow,
And before I knew it,
a major fire began to grow.
I cried-out in anguish,
Lord, will Jesus come set me free?
He answered with the story,
of that day on Calvary.
He told me how his only son
had came and died for me.
He spoke of many things,
overwhelming my simple mind,
Putting into words,
just what I needed so to find.
My mind began to picture,
a place I long to see,
Of my promised home in Heaven,
that our Father made for me.
You will never visualize,
the place I long to stand before,
Since Jesus took time to answer,
the knock I placed on Heaven's door.

Author: Copyright 2003 Rachel Hill
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