love can hurt but i still love you

Submitted By: hello_kitty_lover

even thought you said it was over
i still have feeling's for you
you are my lucky charm
my little three leaf clover.

every time i see you in the halls
i just want to hug you till i die.
but there is one problem between you and I.

you dumped me during school,
because of something i said 4 months ago
if i hadn't said that we would still be together.
we could be at the park or at the pool
and always with each other.

the only thing that is preventing us......
is that i love you but you don't love me back.

your love hurt me so much and no matter how bad it hurt
my love for you will be as strong as the sun
it never dies out or ever fades away.
you are my sunshine my one and only love...

Author: by: brionna robinett
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