When God Gave Me You

Submitted By: Preachers Wife

When God gave me you, at first we were two,
then we tied the knot and said I Do;
the two became one, and with God our life had just began.

You're not only a husband, a friend, but a shepard too.
someone who loves me the way that I love you;
You knows all my hurt and my pain, you always encourge
me to put it in God's hand.

I've learned to pray day and night too, that God continue to
strengthen and abide in you. That his anointing may always flow
showing your people love and seeing them grow.

I can hear you as you always say; Lord, I want to see someone give their life to you today. Preach the word, keep the faith, and let the Lord have his way.
To my husband, my pastor and my friend, I want you to know that I'm with you until the end.

Author: Rochell Edward
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