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I found myself in a raging storm
the billows were thrashing around
as lightning was crashing before and behind
I searched for higher ground.

The storm in my life continued to roll
such fear in my heart I knew-
I wondered how long before the calm
and the skies turn back to blue.

I searched in vain for the answer
to the problems engulfing my life-
But could not find a solution
I turned to God in my strife.

When I emptied myself entirely
of all the hurt and pain-
And trusted His love completely
He immediately stopped the rain.

In the stillness I heard Him whisper
I'm always here by your side-
Take my hand lets walk together
O'er the billows of life we'll glide.

He lifted His arms toward Heaven
"Peace be still", I say-
The storms in my life ceased their raging
and peace in my heart made its way.

Author: Mrs. George (Yvonna) Weaver
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