I could not hold it any longer

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There is this little girl in me
Just wanting to be hear
But every time
She makes it look like there is nothing wrong with me
Behind this smile there is a girl who
Wants to be heard but don't know how
Everyone thinks nothing wrong with me
I try to put on a smile and make it
Look like nothing is wrong
But one day
It all went wrong
It changed me
Me and my family got into a car accident
I was down and not to be heard
But one day that all changed I meet this boy
And I new it was true
He was my love and thought me the rights and wrongs
But one day my mom came to school and call me out
As I walked out of the building
I hear say
"Baby I am sorry but grandpa did not make it"
I tried not to believe it
The hole way home
As the car when down the drive way
I knew I was not dreaming
I lost my grandpa
My bags were pack and we were ready to go
When we got there
I look at my grandpa and told him "I will love you forever"
When we came home I wanted to go to school
But I could not put on smile at all
Then all of a sudden
My boyfriend puts his hands on me and said are you
Then I began to cry
I told him the news
So I when to home
Locked myself in my room
For 4 days
Until I told myself
He is gone but not forgotten

Author: Crystal-Lynn
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