Incomplete Without You

Submitted By: Nithin Sridhar

Sun rises everyday,
Giving rays of hope to all,
But, without you,
My day is always in darkness,
No hope, No life

Sky showers in rainy season,
Mother nature crying in joy;
But without you,
My eyes shed silent tears,
Crying out in pain of longing for you

I pray to lord everyday,
I cry out to him-
"oh lord of all three worlds,
Why cant my love be mine?
Why cant I, be with my love?
Why cant my love, love me?
But my prayers are met with silence, a cold silence;
Almighty knows well, that-
his refusal will break my heart, will break me;

But i have hope,
I see a spark somewhere on the horizon,
I wait for the day,
i wait in patience for her to say-
"Darling I am incomplete without you".

Author: Nithin Sridhar
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