Sleepless Nights

Submitted By: usmc_gf83

Its another sleepless night, laying here thinking about you.
As I toss and turn, I lay here and wonder where you are.
With my eyes wide open, looking up at the ceiling.
I begin to wonder and hope that you might be thinking of me wherever you are.
That you might miss me,as I am missing you.
Wishing that we were wrapped in each others loving arms.
Hoping for a safe return from wherever you are.
Praying that the good Lord will take mercy on us,and protect all those that we love.
Wondering about our future, and our undying love.
And loving and missing someone that's thousands of miles away.
All of these running through my mind, causing another sleepless night.
Hoping one day soon my love will return home to me, and finally end all my sleepless nights.
But until then its just another one of my sleepless nights, and missing you with all my might.

Author: usmc_gf83
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