A Log in the Sea

Submitted By: ruyethunter

When your tender heart is perplexed by the itchy tides
Of your fluctuating emotions, dropping in your coast sides
Unaware of the secret gleam of that flourishing might
Be ready to uncover the mystery of that eternal light
Thatís from your God. With the pressure of the moon
Youíll be feeling the grace that will come soon.
When your wooden-made ships sank
In the wilderness of the oceans below
Hoping to reach the comfy bank
Let your heart grasp the pearls above.
Like Jonah when he was swallowed
By a whale in the sea of blank thought
Only his cry to his Lord was responded,
Rejecting the all helpers that were naught.
When night, whale, weather and angry waves were his enemies
There was only his Almighty Lord who could subdue all these
Giving His hand to him to catch the life buoy of eternal living
To set sail across the vast oceans of his Lord the ultimate being.
Who can help you in this awesome darkness
Of thought and feelings when you are helpless
With the irritating feeling of death, following
Like your dark shadow while you are walking.
You in this poisonous sea of emotion
Shiver with the cold feeling of voyage
To the imperishable land of perfection
With some difficulty to pass this passage.
And man forgot his Lordís loftiness
As he was taken from nothingness.
With his spurious whispers of evilness
Devil gives you some water of delusions
To drink it and get drunk in hallucinations
Of illusionary and so called happiness.
Being lead astray from the straight way
Ignoring the merci of your God, you day
By day draw close to the next journey.
The moment death angelís before you
To take your soul that is in expired due
You canít act now in this life channel
Your stream doesnít flow to the eternal runnel.
Unaware of the confidential postal
Of your relatives to the ground hotel
You canít bring any partner to mingle
With you as this hotel is for a single.
Who can challenge the entire negative?
You spent your life as a sinful fugitive
Without your Godís good consent
Leave a message that youíre absent
From the rapturous joy of the countenance
Of your Lord youíve never been in repentance.
And man forgot his Lordís clemency,
Leaving himself in the sheer deviancy.
O! Our bountiful and merciful God
Give us your imperishable hand
To pull us from the well of sin
To your calm and relaxing inn.
Any word, flying up in the heavens,
Canít glorify you in prefect meanings
Only your heart-illuminating light will be manifest
All over the world even though unbelievers detest.
A prescription for our malady
That we ignored as a sheer melody
Is your Blessed Book in harmony
Though we consider it as agony.
Weíll write our inmost feeling
On a pure log, floating in breaking
Waves, visiting our sinful shore
That our intimate emotions bore.
Pouring its overflow water
To the hearts of oceans
Open their gates later
To your splendid heavens..

Author: Ibrahim Ercan
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