The Next Journey

Submitted By: ruyethunter

No real escape from anything you digest
All you need is just an action to get best
Day and night you waste your time in vain
Any rescuing hand in practice is no villain.

To your understanding everything is naught,
just a thing to rejoice at the best thought
you hear no thunder in sight in your world
Alas! Where the hell all intimacies streaked
without escorting any worldly goods indeed!

You're alone now in this desert, having no water
stranded in the very core of thirst for a better
life when given the opportunity to turn back later
to spend it on the edge of good and bad whatsoever.

'Too late, man! Its said to new, eternal dwellers
of the new adobe, ready to welcome misleaders
giving loads of love with scalding hot embraces.
There they will dwell on the things in repentance.

Author: Ibrahim Ercan
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