The Greatest Gift

Submitted By: harvey746

There are many people
That do not have a chance.
They hear bad news every day,
And they always get depressed.

Some think no one cares,
Some are giving up.
Some only think
they are just bad luck.

Some need a healing,
A shelter in the storm.
Many need a blessing,
A solid rock to build their home.

So when you come across one,
and believe me, you will.
Take heart and go to them,
Cause they won't come to you.

Explain to them the truth,
The love and mercy God showed you.
Tell them there is forgiveness,
From the Father, that is true.

Tell them there is a friend,
That once died for you long ago.
He took away your sins,
And wore them on his soul.

I challenge you today,
We are their only chance.
Give the greatest gift of all,
And you will surely be blessed.

Author: Tyler Harvey
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