In Search of Love

Submitted By: jghhj

My soul is chained to the ground,
It has been damaged beyond repair,
All the happiness was taken away from it,
And nothing but fear is left,
As time passes,
And as things get worse,
I begin to wonder,
Whether my life is worth living,
And whether I will ever feel happiness again,
Whether there is anyone on this earth,
That will make me truly happy,
And dissolve the pain that I feel,
And that will untie my tethered soul,
And bring joy and happiness,
To my door,
And rejuvenate my soul,
And be there for me,
Through good and bad,
Through pain,
And suffering,
Through happiness,
And joy,
And be there for me,
Till the day I leave this earth,
And be summoned,
To Heaven,
And fulfill,
The Lords wishes

Author: Vanja Tubin
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