The Lord's True Test

Submitted By: jghhj

God presents us with,
Numerous obstacles,
Frequent challenges,
Various paths,
Malevolence and wickedness,
In life,
Yet we wonder why,
He is not there to solve our biggest problems,
Why thing go from bad to worse,
Why we feel as though he is doing nothing to help,
Though we have done nothing not to deserve it,
May this just be?
One of his tests for us,
To question our true faith in him,
To see whether we will still,
Believe in him,
At the toughest of times,
And if we believe in him,
And believe he will help us,
Then he must, mustn't he?
But what if it seems as though,
He is not helping,
As though we are alone,
Do not worry I say,
For God will help you one day,
You may not recognize the Lord’s help,
But it will always be there,
No matter what

Author: Vanja Tubin
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