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We met on the internet
Just a random chat
Which grew into a conversation
That lasted all day
And we talked forever
I couldnt wait to talk to you again
And one day you told me you were moving
And wouldnt be on for a month
So i went to school the next day
And heard news of a new student
I thought "huh, thats weird"
So the day you walked in the classroom
I had no idea who you were
And the day you came back on the internet
You told me of this girl you liked at your new school
I was a little sad because I really liked you
But i encouraged you to talk to her
So the next day at school you came and talked to me
I was really shocked, remembering last nights conversation
I asked who you were and you told me your name
But when you asked what my name was I told you my username
On the website we talked on
Your eyes widened and so did mine
But you smiled all the same
And that night on the internet
You told me you were glad to meet me
And a little emberrassed
But i said it was ok
And you had a name for what the two of us had
You wouldnt tell me that night so i waited 'till school
And i asked you about last night
You said we have cyber-love

Author: C. Marquardt
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