Tough Decision

Submitted By: jghhj

When things go really wrong,
And aren't right,
And help not will even a song,
You hold your cross tight

At times of worst hope,
You look back at your hard times,
The first time you well of a rope,
All the times you went to jail for your crimes

You think your life is worth ending,
And no one would care if you were leaving,
And you consider your new beginning,
And how you could never stop dreaming

It's not too hard to end ones life,
All you need is a kitchen knife,
And one cut on the throat,
To quote,
Your late mother,
When you said you didn't love her

If you want to commit suicide,
Well, that is for you to decide,
For it is you and not I,
Who wishes to die,
But let me give you this advice,
You will pay a great price,
If you take your life,
With that kitchen knife

Author: Vanja Tubin
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