Missing my Baby

Submitted By: Jujuchan


Everywhere I look there's a child,
the pain for me is far from mild.
I see a mother with her daughter,
but there is no father.
My child would have had,
both a mom and a dad.
For now, God has a different plan,
and I will keep it all in His hand.
Why our little had to go,
we may never know.
Today I met a boy,
what he lacked was joy.
You see, he had a black eye.
He said he fell, I know it was a lie.
The boy was so sad.
He was a victim, that made me mad.
It made me cringe all inside,
my child would have nothing to hide!
Even when push comes to shove,
it would always know nothing but love.
Why did this have to happen to me?
My child would not be neglected, don't you see!
When will this pain go away?
It seems I hurt worse everyday!
Why can't my baby be here?
I will wonder that everyday of every year.
God, I will give it all to you,
and I know you will help me through!

Author: jupie
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