I am sorry

Submitted By: Jujuchan

My heart was broken, and my body ached,
I felt I had let you down.
As I held the shell of you...My soul was shattered.
You depended on me,
and nothing else mattered.
Please forgive me I am sorry.....

Its been weeks since you left,
I had to face the world without you.
I had so little pride,
right now I feel so hollow with no where to hide.
I thought time would heal, but it seems to be getting worse.
How I wish I could put the clock back in reverse.
I am sorry!!!!

I would always talk to you in the late hours of the night.
I wanted everything to be alright...but it wasn't.
Now you are gone, you have entered the light.
May God watch over you my little angel till we meet again. Even though you were nameless,
faceless life without, you will not be the same.
I will always be your mommy.
Once again my sweetheart....I am sorry!!!

Author: jupie
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