Submitted By: timntina071102

I was told that this was a special day,
But can not figure in what possible way.
It's not Christmas, Easter or Halloween,
Labor Day and Veterans, we are in between.
It isn't Election day or first day of school,
And we don't celebrate our jobs as a rule.

It's not Thanksgiving, that I do know,
And a baby, there at this time, no show.
I do not hear any wedding bells in the air,
And in town, there are no circuses or fairs.
No eclipse are promised for the night,
Or any rally or protests on equal rights.

So the only thing that this can possibly be,
Is someone birthday, I truly do believe.
It must be special, but it is not mine,
Therefore the person must be mighty fine.
Only one that meets that in every way,
Is got to be YOU - so have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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