Crushed by This Thing Called Love

Submitted By: xxxmCrRoXxxx

I sit alone staring at the same four walls
Wondering why Im still alive
Thinking about the only thing I really know
Life is the hardest to survive
My only friends all have betrayed me
To see all the hurt in my eyes
And it broke me knowing that they only
Told me unforgivable lies
Im alone in the world trying to hold on
But thats as hard as faking a smile
When all you can feel is pain and despair
And misery all the while
The ones I have loved only cut me deeper
And crushed my heart even more
They shattered me and deliberately
Left me completely torn
Now I dont know what to do anymore
And hate has replaced my sorrow
I can only feel rage and frustration
Today and after tomorrow
It hurts to pretend that Im alright
But it wouldnt matter anyways
Because no one seems to truly care
Even after weeks and after days
My heart has lost all the fallen pieces
And it has had enough
And I am trapped in this world called life
And crushed by this thing called love

Author: Grace - oxoxSuicideLoveoxox (youtube)
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