Autumn Magic

Submitted By: Jeanne Fiedler

It's Fall
The season of wisdom
where we attain
colors of great knowledge
and darker shades of fear

The confusing temperatures
One Spring day
One Winter day
balanced back and forth
to shock us into
temperance and equanimity

The sun is majestic
as it glares through
the vibrant shades
of windblown leaves
as they leave their
colorful hues
on the bare shuffling

The birds are migrating
They flow in and out of
the scenery

As we endure the beauty
We can see the long
permanence of impermanence
Like life and death
from transience to eternity

There's too much time
But there's not enough time

We're listless as the Winter
Showing its chilling and
colorless humbling of life...

Author: Jeanne Fiedler
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