My Brother

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He moved here a few years ago
The brand new kid in school
He was really shy and quiet
But I thought he was pretty kool

He was in my class when he got here
He talked to me here and there
And some random time I looked around
And he was everywhere

We became very close friends
And went through good times and bad
I still think of the fun and memories
That we always had

Over the summer we got even closer
He's a brother and a bodyguard to me
He takes care of me like we're family
I swear this friendship was meant to be

Then to me he released a secret
I had no idea this could be
This secret he has kept so long
Was that he loves me

I've been recovering from my first relationship
One that came to a bad end
I hate him and he hates me
But my brother's here for me as a friend

The way he tells me all those things
About my smile and shining eyes
Makes me want to dance in the rain
While I enjoy this feeling inside

I told him now that I love him too
But I still might need some time
The boy is my brother and my best friend
From now until the end

Author: C. Marquardt
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