I Believe in Angel's Love and friendships!!!

Submitted By: scoobydoo529

I believe in Angel's love and friendships, that come to me in many different ways in my life.These are the reasons why I believe in these three precious, and kind words.I believe in Angle's because my father is one who I have lost 18 years ago and with him being my angel He guides me down the right path too love.I believe that he sends me his love each and everyday to let me know that he is near but in a better place. And then it's friendships. I believe that if you share your friendship with someone that is near too you or even far away that it will bring your Angel's and love with your friendships as they have done for me.i will share the Angel's and Love along with my friendships with all of you!!!!!!!Just believe in yourself enough to recieve a great gift of life.

Author: Maryanne
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