My Little Brother

Submitted By: laceyKat

Time has flown for me so fast.
When only yesterday it seems
you were just a little boy
with patches on your jeans.

Sunday mornings come to mind
We'd all be wearing our best
You couldn't wait to get back home
to throw off that tie and vest.

Remember a stick & a bit of string
Not even a hook, just a wish?
The fish patrol came & gave you a fine
for you had no license to fish!

You married your high school sweetheart
and started your family.
Oh what a great and wonderful Dad
you turned out to be!

Now half a century has come to pass
But don't fret, little brother, you see
You'll always be younger than someone
Darn it! One of those "someones" is me!

Your "just a wee bit more mature" sister

Author: Alvie Aguilar Conboy
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