Dear Mama

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Today as I knelt to thank the Lord, for all that Iíve received,
The best thing was when he saved my soul, and helped me to believe.
The next thing Mama, I thank Him for, was the day of my birth,
For putting me in the care, of the greatest Mom on earth.

I know Iíve failed all through my life, to let you know how much I care,
I took you for granted time and time, but still you were always there.
To doctor skinned knees and wash dirty faces, and make all the pain go away,
To cook, clean, wash and iron, and care for us kids everyday.

I know you were often weary and tried, but I never heard you complain,
You never got mad or felt sorry for yourself, through all your sorrow and pain.
And Mama now that I am grown and I have children too,
I pray that God will give me strength, to be half as good a parent as you.

Words can never tell you Mama how much you mean to me,
But I hope you know that Iíll love you dearly, throughout all eternity.
I think God must be pleased with the kind of Mother you are,
And if Mothers were stars up in the sky, youíd out shine them all by far.

Your spoken of in Proverbs thirty-one, beginning with verse number ten,
Youíre always sacrificed for those you love, time and time again.
You are truly a virtuous woman, thatís very plain to see,
Your price is far above rubies, and youíre a great inspiration to me.

Although your body is slowing down, and life is taking its toll,
Youíre still so very young at heart, and youthful in your soul.
Your pretty as a rose kissed by the dew, shining in the bright morning sun,
And someday in Heaven youíll shine even more, when your race down here is run.

Your clothed with strength and honor, and thereís kindness in your voice,
Your life on earth has often been rough, but in time you shall rejoice.
When your life is over and its time for you to cross old Jordanís tide,
I know Jesus will be waiting there with his arms opened wide.
But walk slowly Mama, and wait for me upon that golden shore,
Because soon Iíll be coming to be with you there in peace forever more.

Author: Joanna Jones
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