the life of "USMC" mommy/wife

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The life of “USMC” mommy/wife
By: tyesha white

When I meet my husband I knew his planes
Was to join the service to be a better man
So as the years went by and our family began to grow
I became a ”USMC” wife/mommy all in one day
But when the time for deployment arrived my heart sank and my eyes filled with tears for I knew it was time to say our good bye and I’ll see u soons and I knew that my life as “USMC” wife had just begun but the news had came that we were expecting and that’s when it all changed with a 13month old and two on the way I knew that deployment day would kill me but I had to be strong until daddy comes back for I have my family to care for now so as the day came for daddy to leave we packed up and all said our good byes I knew that I was a ”USMC” mommy/wife.

Author: tyesah white
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