Roller Coaster

Submitted By: Noah Kadera

Who knew a roller coaster could be so long?
It's been like a never ending song.
The ups, the downs
The smiles, the frowns...
It's been rough, it's been hard
Our hearts and feelings have been marred.

Looking back at the five months past,
Like your mother says, I can't believe we've last.
So many times, I've looked for a way out,
And every time, I've forgotten the route.
I've cried in my room wondering where to go.
Those times felt like an all time low.

But every time I lose my way,
It seems my heart finds the words to say.
Eyes dried, and thoughts behind,
My heart helps my brain unwind.
A map is painted in my head:
A new map of what's been said.
A map back to that beautiful girl,
The one that made my heart unfurl.

I look back into her eyes...
They're prettier than the Utah skies
Like gems they shine and reflect the light,
The light that makes my life seem right.

This coaster's been a wild ride,
And I'm glad you've been here by my side.
To hold my hand over all the drops,
And catch our breath at all the stops.

A friend once told me what we have is just noise,
But what can you expect from other boys?
Like it is for me, It's only what he hears,
But for me, my love, it's been music to my ears.

Author: Noah Kadera
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