Before I Dream...

Submitted By: Noah Kadera

Sleep is never easy to come by
When there's so much in my head.
I think about you all night long,
Or whenever I'm in bed.

I think about you when I'm stressed out.
I think about you when I'm in doubt.
These thoughts all seem to end the pout;
They turn my declining mood about.

The thoughts of you relax my brain.
They help to cure, to smother pain.
They help to dry my eyes that rain.
They help to keep me a little sane.

I love these thoughts that dance around.
They're like music, what a beautiful sound.
They keep my nights from being gray;
They make me anticipate the end of the day.

And now that I've thought of you all night,
It's time to sleep, to turn off the light.
I no longer lay in a lonely bed,
Because I've got you now: in my head.

Author: Noah Kadera
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