Love of My Life

Submitted By: bettyboop12

You made me laugh
You made me cry
You made me feel sad
Then drove me mad
I wasnít bad
You were all I had
You walked away without a word
I was left all alone, frightened and scared
Iím all alone in this big wild world
Iíve hit rock bottom
And sank so low
I picked myself up, and decided to have another go
I rose above all the bad times
I remembered all the good
I dreamít of you day and night
You were once the light of my life
And now I have to say goodnight
And end this chapter in my life
To face another day and fight
This losing battle is it all in vain
I think not, not again
You broke my heart and left me in pain
But with no pain, there is no gain
You gave me back my life again
No more tears, no more pain
No more sadness
Just happiness and regain.

Author: Amanda Roberts
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