I Miss You Daddy

Submitted By: Suzies Card Ideas

How can life end so quick
It's a dream i say today
How did you die so soon
Is it real I ask.......no way

I miss you daddy
There's no words to say
I can't deal with you gone
It eats me everyday

I can't find a place
and it's hard to sleep
My feelings hurt so much
They're just way down and deep

Mom how are you?
It's so very hard on her
Missing Daddy after 50 years
Remembering the way things were

Oh Daddy I miss you so
I can't move on
Even though time is flying
I'm at a stand still since you're gone

I know you're in heaven
and you're loved there just the same
There is no turning back
Death is not a game

You suddenly became ill
and it took you by surprise
The doctors knew how to prove it
and this was no lie

Like a trooper you were
Wanting to live so much
You did all they told you to
and I was your crutch

I'm sorry daddy
I miss you every day
I'll never let you go
You're in my heart all the way

Until we meet again
You're always in my heart
I miss you daddy very much
We will never be apart.

I love you daddy....
In loving memory of my father Carmine who passed away on December 18, 2008

Author: Susan SZ (suziecrafter10)
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