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Daddy was a preacher man that many folks knew,
He gave his life to God and tried to be true.
For God had blessed him with ten kids and a wife,
He loved them so much he would have given his life.
Just for all of his children to be in Heaven someday,
Yes, this was the prayer, I know that he prayed.

The Bible was the book that my Daddy read,
And for preaching the word there’s a crown on his head.
Oh! I can just see him in his robe as white as snow,
There with the Savior and I’m so anxious to go.
But, how he hated to leave his children behind,
And as he left he prayed that the Savior they find.

He said, “God was calling him, and he couldn’t stay,”
He told Mama to raise the children right, and meet him in Heaven someday.
Yes this is what he told Mama as the drew his last breath,
Then his body laid still and his eyes closed in death.
So rest in peace Daddy and wait for me,
Then we can be together, throughout eternity.

Author: Ann Eva Graves
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