I Live On

Submitted By: writerthee

You may not be able to see me,
Though you think that I am gone.
Inside your heart you carry me,
So I live on, I live on.

I know you feel an emptiness,
Of words we left unsaid.
Release your pain, forgive yourself,
For I already did.

The love you gave, I took with me,
And left my love for you.
So now I know some time has passed,
Here is what I ask of you.

Share my life and remember me,
To those you love Ė out loud.
And I will become part of them,
For that would make me proud.

Those little quirks, the quips I said,
Please share those memories.
For there is no plaque or stone,
That would better honor me.

I loved you then, and love you still,
And will forevermore.
So take my love and pass it down,
Thatís what my legacy is for.

Give my memories, my love as gifts,
And do not mourn that I have gone.
Just place my love in your childrenís hearts,
And you will know that I live on.

Author: Nicole Jamieson
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