One Treasured Memory.

Submitted By: McMarie

One Treasured Memory.

Do you remember Daddy the night that I was born
How you held me in your arms and you kept me safe and warm
For years this continued as I was very sick with asthma and eczema that you knew how to fix.

Do you remember Daddy the night when I was 7
How I crawled into your room as I couldn't’t catch my breath
You put me on the window still and held me oh so tight you whispered in my little ear Daddy’s here and it’s alright.

You brought me back to bed and stayed by my side you kissed me on the cheek and said now rest my little child.
This is one treasured memory that I can recall, and although there’s so many this one saved my life.

So from that small little girl who once sat upon your Knee, thank you oh so much you mean the world to me.

Author: McMarie
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