Miss Susie

Submitted By: totallydude

Miss Susie had a steamboat the steamboat had a bell-DING DING
Miss Susie went to heaven the steamboat went to
Hello operator please give me number 9 and if u disconnect me i'll kick you from Behind the frigarator there was a piece of glass miss Susie sat upon it and broke her little Ask me no more questions tell me no more lies the boys are in the bathroom zipping up their Flies are in the meadow bees are in the park miss Susie's with her boyfriend kissing in the D-A-R-K ,D-A-R-K DARK DARK DARK, DARKER THAN THE OCEAN DARKER THAN the sea darker than the underwear my mother gave to me. I know i know my ma i know i know my pa i know i know my sister with the 40 acre 40 acre bra bra bra.....

Author: Unknown
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