Heavens Eye

Submitted By: bryllex

Things greatly change as I set my eyes into the sky
Remembering those days I don’t have you in my life.
There’s regret but maybe that was fate, for I once
Like a falling leaves dancing into whistles of breeze going nowhere
but Nowhere leads me back to you cause I know it was fate.

Another day has passed that I never saw you,
So I come to think at night.
I saw the moon, the star, and the flowers that rested upon the moonlight.
It’s strange to think that courage of my arms and
The strength of my feet reflected as you smile.
Just single smile and I can go far beyond.

Remembering any other love that was broke into pieces
Just to prove how much they feel. But I can break my heart
more than into pieces as small as needle's eye to prove
and to multiply my love into a thousand times.

All I want is to see you each day, cause I’m longing to see you smile
A smile which only angels can do, I wish I can gaze into heaven's eye
And ask to stay and never end the day, as the moment you passed by my side
For the glimpse of your face gives glory and direction in my life.
And when this day is over. I come to think that there are many nights to remember,
Days to resound the song of a whisper, and afternoon
to comfort and care this love
I have for you -over and over again.

Author: bryllex
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