May i have this dance......?

Submitted By: Avenged One

I see your hand....and i gently take it,
pulling you, and your body closer to me.
This atmosphere of oppurtunity, the chance to make you mine,
and take you with a simple dance.
the music seems to sink into our hearts, controlling us to glide to the rhythm,
your figure stands out and illuminates the room. from your diamond-like eyes,
to the arch of your nose, and even the sparkle on your lips. With the step of my right foot,
and the key of the heavenly harp. we begin to move,
the swaying of your hips, the smirk on your face , is a sign of accomplishment,
knowing that we own the night, makes me smile. watching your red-velvety dress flow,
mesmerized by the jewels surrounding your neck....this candle lit ballroom, filled with nothing but the two of us, is the perfect spot for me to express my love. we pull apart, then rebound back to the music.
i slowly initial you to stop dancing, and you give me this puzzled look,
that look quickly turns into shock, when i get on one knee....
I reach into my blazer, trying to keep eye contact, and pull out a little box, big enough for only a ring
your face turns red, and your smirk gradually turns into a smile,
i see your tears beginning to roll down your face, and unto the carpet, i was sure they were tears of joy
I take a deep breath, and speak gently....."You, me, nor this dance meant nothing without you
blessing me with your presence. I think, i dream, and desire to be with you, forever more.
I asked for this dance, and now im asking for your hand, a hand that will forever be held
and never let go. My heart refuses to part from you, even though im breathless when your by my side.
The crystals in your eyes, are priceless compared to the ones in this ring,
the eyes of a woman that i wanna wake up and go to bed looking at.
what i ask of you
is to be my wife, will you marry me?
She nods willingly, and accepts my request,
I stand to my feet and return her smile with my own, and kiss her lips.....

Author: Avenged One
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