No regrets

Submitted By: RCarrillo


It started long ago,
we thought we knew right,
a love started to grow,
almost overnight,

You were like something Ive never seen,
a dream that came true,
we were in our late teens,
it was then that i knew,

you were every bit of amazing,
hoping our feelings were true,
God gave me a blessing,
i was surely falling for you,

you were different from all the rest,
someone i can truly trust,
with you i couldn't resist,
marriage was a must,

a few years we made it last,
never knowing what was in store,
our future became our past,
then our marriage was never more,

we slowly drifted apart,
i hated every bit of it,
we invited others in our heart,
then my life went to shit,

never knowing always confused,
nothing ever seemed right,
my mind feeling abused,
to sleep was hard at night,

years have gone by,
feelings i try to change,
but these feelings i cant deny,
its hard for me to explain,

we've been through so much,
its been a long time,
we still keep in touch,
and your still on my mind,

a GREAT PERSON you are,
you always brighten a day,
you sparkle like the stars,
what else is there to say,

if there is one thing i know,
one thing i will never forget,
the way your love used to show,
loving you i will never regret.

love Richard

Author: Richard
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