Dear Darling

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Dear Darling...

Guess what? you are my everything,
the apple of my eye,
you always tell me how pretty I am,
even when I cry.
Every night you call me,
and ask "how was your day?"
"It was good but I missed you,"
Is what I always say.
Even if I get a paper cut,
you make sure I'm okay,
you like to kiss me better,
in lots of different ways.
When you see me you always hug me,
and then say "I love you,
and then I always hug you back,
and say I love you too.
You make me feel amazing,
you say Ill never leave your side,
and i hope you stick with me through life,
cause its a bumpy ride.
Your smile is nice like Spring time,
Your scent sweet like summer breeze,
When you say my name, my face goes red,
and the words just come with ease.
You're my anti-depressant,
more addictive than cocaine,
you make me feel so silly,
like dancing in the rain.
You make me feel drunk when sober,
like there's no way to get higher,
so dont be surprised if I mouth these words,
I love you a boy name Tyler.

Author: Julia Margaret Chapman
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