Love Will Find a Way

Submitted By: Jenifer143

There was this man that I one dated
So man years ago,
Things moved fast and feelings grew stronger
It was more than we could deal with,
With fear we drew it to an ending
To soon after the beginning,
Life went on and so do we
Each our own way,
Till that fateful day we met again
But only friends we could be,
You see he was married and solely hers
But feelings began to be,
Then was the night when our whole world twisted
And his life was almost gone,
And to his surprise I stood by his side
The way he needed her,
At that moment in time I knew it was a lie
That I had been telling myself,
You see I still loved him after so many years
And I still needed him by my side,
To catch my tears and scare away my fears
Just like he did before,
But now he is faced with the question
Is it her or is it me,
Who does he long to be with?
As I hope it is me
I fear it is her,
And we will have to be nothing but friends
Because he is to scared once again,
To tell me he truly loves me.

Author: Jenifer Jones
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