"The Military Child" (Taken from "The Soldier's Wife")

Submitted By: kamarshall

*Note: The original poem, "The Soldier's Wife" was written by Caroline Franklin Berry. I have taken that poem and rewritten a portion of some lines for my daughters, and all military children out there.*

"Away from the home of her childhood she marched at her Daddy's side.
For her momma chose a wide and winding road when she became a bride.
And sometimes the road was a hard one, so different from what she had planned;
And sometimes she wept for the home she had left as she lay in a foreign land;
And sometimes her steps would grow weary as she followed the drum and the horn;
But she set about making the world her home because she was military born.

Mom learned to build a hearth for them wherever her dad was sent;
And she knelt to plant a garden every time he pitched their tent.
Yes, she always planted a garden though she never saw it grow,
For she knew before the flowers came that she would have to go.
But she left each garden gladly though it made her heart beat wild,
For she hoped it might bring comfort to another military child.

To the hardships in her young sweet life she learned one simple truth,
A promise that once was spoken in the ancient words of Ruth:
"Wherever you go, I will go. Wherever you lodge, I will lodge;
Thy people shall be my people and thy God shall be my God."

She shared Dadís joys and sorrows as they lived where the military bid,
For she was proud Dad was a soldier
And she a military kid."

Author: Adapted by Karen Marshall
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