Submitted By: greenqueen

You can't commit, I know this now.
I fell so deep, I don't know how.
I thought you were true, the real McCoy,
You're a grown ass man, yet act like a boy.
I deserve more than you've given, a whole lot more,
And I can't stand here waiting to see what's in store.
I know it's complicated and not so easy you see,
But you'll kick yourself later for not being with me.
I was willing to risk it all for you,
Impossible love, in my heart I knew.
Wanting to believe and hold on tight,
Knowing all along it wasn't right.
I'm moving on with my heart in my hand,
I hope someday you'll understand.
And don't live to regret the choices you made,
Because by then it'll be too late.
Know that I loved you with all that I had,
I'm leaving heartbroken, teary eyed and sad.
But I know that it's something I surely must do,
And it doesn't matter that I still love you.

Author: j.aguirre
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