I Woke Up One Spring Morning

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I woke up one spring with winter
riding my back
It was a terrible feel
I woke for bad dreams
Frozen to death by fear
Was winter the wretched way of my past
How long did it last
I woke up one spring morning
with the groggy memories
Of raggedy sorrows, of ghetto past
Of staving to death in the cold,
I can feel it on my back
I can feel it's constraint
It's foolishness, it's folly
I woke up on e spring morning still feeling
It's cruelty of it's coldness, it's bitterness
I must dip myself into spring
Capture it's warmth it's love
I'm romanced by it's passion, it's serenity
It's spring time, it's to let loose
Dance to it's song
And leave winter behind

Author: Angela Wilson
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