Submitted By: nicole16

you tell me to be real when you act fake
you tell me to smile when i hear your name
you tell me im the one every second of the day
you tell me you love me more then words can say
how would i know your real or fake
how would i know thats your name
how would i know im really the one
how would i know your love is not hate
you say me and you til the end
how do i know the end is not tomorrow
you say trust me
but you have not did nothing to earn it
you say you want me
but how do i know you want only me
you say you will never hurt me
you say you will always protect me
you say you will always be here
its to late for all that you hurt me when you lied to me
you cant protect me when you is never here
im through of waiting for you to change
you cant teach a old dog a new trick
i got no time to waste
im just writing this to say
GOOD-BYE and have a nice day

Author: Brittany M.
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