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Everybody makes mistakes,
Though they try not to for others sakes,
My biggest mistake was when I gave you my heart,
I didn't know it but I was in the dark,
I thought that you were the one for me,
But the truth was something I couldn't see,
I discovered the truth and my heart was broke,
I didn't want to laugh or joke,
But after awhile I got over you,
I learned to accept myself more too,
Now I feel so sorry for the girl that you're with,
Because once a cheater always one and that's not just a myth,
But I don't regret anything from then,
If I could go back in time I'd do it again,
Because I had to learn everything,
That I learned, I had to find my wings,
So I could fly and not look back,
And realize there's nothing that I lack,
Mistakes are a part of everyone,
Without them nothing would ever get done.

Author: Christina B.
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