A Soccer Player's torn ACL

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It starts with an accident
That brings your world down
An accident that kills her
Inside and all around

Denial comes and hits her
As she hopes for the best
But when the doctor’s new comes in
Denial comes to rest

Depression settles in
When nothing else makes her glad
A new era of sadness
That takes everything she had

As the days drag on like years
The longing months await
There’s nothing much to do
But deal with everything she hates

As new days then approach
That long road begins to wane
Yet that little knot’s still tightening
That little ounce of pain

When new rules begin to loosen
Smaller things in life seem brighter
Like walking, running, playing
Just makes the hard life lighter

Freedom comes to hand
And mindset then takes over
When working’s all she does
To get her life back in order

“She’s looking stronger than ever”
As the people then all tell
When the goal is finally accomplished
She then can say, “Farewell.”

It began with an accident
That brought her world down
An accident that killed her
But turned her life around

It started off with struggle
And left with strong progress
An experience that taught her
That with strength came success.

Author: Lauren Mirabelli
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