Just like the other woman.

Submitted By: tristan.c

He leaves me here alone.
Left to cry every night he's gone.
He says he loves me, but I feel like I'm coming in second place.
And its hard to find any remorse in his face.

I watch him pack his things.
everything from tee's to the greens.
He holds me tight as long as he can.
I don't know how you could take my man.

Your just like the other woman.
taking him from me just because you can.
there is millions of other men for you anyway.
why do you want to take mine so far away.

U.S Army, why do you do what you do.
I really just don't understand you.
You take away my love, my life.
just so you can have him to fight.

He says he has two loves in his life, me and you.
just promise me one day you let him go.
let him be with just me.
let us be happy.

you can take him for these long twelve months.
I will find away to get by for now.
When he comes home to me,
in his past you will be.

I know my Army man loves me,
so the other woman you can be.
when your gone we will see
that in my arms is where he always wanted to be
when you took him from me.

Author: Tristan Croxton
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