message from daughter to military dad

Submitted By: kalynmarie:)

I hate the military
It takes my dad away from me
Why does it have to be my dad?
Don't you see it makes me sad
Every birthday you had to miss
What about the goodnight kiss?
You never had time for me
Because of the stupid military
In Santa I did believe
Until we opened our presents on Christmas eve
Because you had to go away
Leaving us worrying if you'll be okay
Do you know I used to stay up at night
Praying you would be alright
Imaging life as if you died
Sitting up all night and cried
I hate when you have to leave
Waiting for that feeling of relieve
When you return to us safe and sound
I love having you around
All those times I needed you there for me
Over in Iraq is where you'd be
Its a good thing what your doing I know
I'm begging you daddy, pleased don't go
I think its time to say no more
Because I cant take this anymore

Author: Kalyn Marie Erb
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