Happy Birthday, Sister

Submitted By: krystie

Upon the day you took your first breath
I knew my world was going to change
Home life was going to be more chaotic
Although the house was hushed to be quiet

Weeks went by fairly slow it seemed
Day in and day out, I was reprimanded
Should I not quietly tip toe down the hall
Shh, baby is sleeping, a phrase common to all

Finally I saw signs you were starting to grow
Your eyes would follow me with content
You began to coo, smile and giggle with delight
Wow, this lump of flesh was beginning to act human!

Little did I know that at the age of ten
You turned into a nagging mother hen
Ratting me out for whatever I would do or say
Oh how I wished you still took naps during the day!

Now you are all grown up and a mother too
Your heart must be constructed of roses
Based on all the kind things you say and do
You are so beautiful in so many ways.

I am so lucky to have a sister as wonderful as you!

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Author: Krystie
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