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A Secret till The Grave

I see you all day, everyday
Where ever I go
Yet I still remain inexistant to your train of thoughts.
I am your unconditional friend and
Without you knowing:
I try and steer you clear of “my story”.

I was once like you, you know –
Young, carefree, pure and full of today’s glory
But then I changed –
I had a secret I knew I couldn’t tell.

But now my secret is worth telling
It’s the secret of my death…..


There’s light in the darkness:
Your criticism the darkness
My hope for survival the light!

Sophistry at its best
As the deception roams this earth’s surface
I was the sacrifice for your own perfection
My innocence is now way beyond repair.

I drowned in your resurrected mercy.

I once believed in the angels of the clouds
The peace, harmony and pureness
A life of happiness, security and significance
(That was until I found you – my secret)

Trae said: you were the best of the kind
But repeated I refused to make you mine
Then one day I felt so lonely
And I went to find you
You were exactly where I proposed you would be
Trae said: he knew I would come looking for you!

It wasn’t long after this that I began
To want more and more of you
You continuously made me feel special
And always gave me what I needed
You made me happy and took my fears away
You were so special – but always you remained
A secret.

Then one night when we were deeply entwined
You gave me too much of yourself
More than anyone could devour
I tried to resist myself
But who was I kidding
I was in too deep.

There was so much of you that my body craved to have
I knew that one done you would hurt me
And I would have to say goodbye
But this time it was too late to say sorry
You slowly faded away
And clung to yet another innocent and lonely victim
As I was left to seek the light
And wait for my death to arrive….


Now you see my secret has been told
Please understand that there’s a limit
To how much misery, guilt and hurt
One life can hold
The devil’s drug took away
More than my soul could succumb

As I learnt:
There’s more to it than the word ‘fun’
I watch over you
With a hopeful vision of your tomorrow
As I am happy not to meet you up here in the sky
For your life is precious and too young to die
I am your Guardian Angel for your life!

Author: Warrior
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