Jacque's Wings

Submitted By: adavis214

~~This poem was wrote for my aunt Jacque
she was born with CP and never walked~~

Jacque finally got her wings today
Though they were made long ago
God told the angel who made the wings
to get his best silver and gold

These had to be some special wings
For a very special soul
It was time to take her place
In her most important role

Now, those who don't believe in angels
Never looked into her face
And when you looked into her eyes
You saw the meaning of faith

"Take me home, I'm going home"
She was heard to say
"OH Lord, My Lord hear me pray,
Please give me my wings today"

And Jacque got her wings today
Those that were made so long ago
You see she never had a doubt
Just where her soul would go

Author: Richard Davis
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