Happy 60th!!

Submitted By: Daffojill

The thought of turning "60"
Would have me feeling blue.
So whether you feel young or old,
Is really up to you......
Life at sixty may be grim--
Gaining weight-No longer slim...
Fading eyesight, hearing loss;
Teeth are gone-no need to floss!
Muscles ache & knuckles swell,
When asked your age, you never tell.
It's obvious you're getting old,
No circulation, Hands are cold.
Forgetfulness is setting in,
Can't remember where you've been!

You're in a daze, you sit & stare,
And day by day you loose more hair...
Skin is wrinkled, some is saggin',
Can't move fast, your tale's a draggin'!
Droopy eyelids, cataracts,
Not being mean, just stating facts!
Some things just go with getting old--
Not MY experience...just what I'm told!
So keep the double chin held high,
You'll live much longer if you try.
You'll see "100" without a doubt...
Just keep breathing in & out!!!!!

Author: Daffijill (Jill Neugebauer)
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