Happy Birthday, Son!

Submitted By: Daffojill

My Little Boy-You're growing up!
Your birthday is today!
You used to be so small & short,
I thought you'd stay that way!

But up you grew! It went so fast...
And your "toys" are more expensive...
The more you grow, the more you want-
Your list is most extensive!

You look so handsome standing there,
So sweet & oh! so tall...
You tower over poor ole mom,
And make me feel so small!

Your legs grow longer every day,
Just like your lists of wants--
I'd like to buy you everything,
But, sorry, Son, I "con't"!

It seems I've got a problem, Dear,
It's one as big as you...
The reason I can't buy it all...
Is-My bank account is wanting too!!

Author: Daffijill (Jill Neugebauer)
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